Tips For Natural Hair Care

Natural hair care is the best way to maintain your tresses and prevent hair loss. Modern day therapists are also adopting natural remedies to improve hair health and appearance. The basic requirement of maintaining healthy hair is to lead a healthy lifestyle that involves consuming wholesome food, regular exercise, proper sleep and avoidance of stress.

Tips on Natural Hair Care

One of the most important steps in natural hair care is to avoid hair styling products, such as gel, hair spray or mousse, which are alcohol-based products. Alcohol-based products result in the drying up of hair, making them frizzy and unmanageable. Besides, hair styling products should also not be put on the scalp, as it results in the clogging of pores, leading to hair fall.

Proper drying is also essential for maintaining healthy hair. While using hair drier, it is advisable to set it at ‘cool’ setting as hot air can be really harmful for your hair. Before drying, it is advisable to remove excess water by patting the hair with a towel. The drier should be moved continuously and never held at one position for more than a couple of seconds. All along, use your fingers or a comb to untangle any knots.

The proper usage of brushes and combs are also essential in maintaining the health of your hair. It is better to use brushes with natural fibers than artificial bristles, as these are softer and cause less damage. Also, ensure that the tips of bristles or comb teeth are well rounded and smooth. Sharp ends make your hair split and the scalp to get scratched. Combs and brushes should ideally be cleaned with soap and water once a week.

Other Considerations in Natural Hair Care

Herbal products are always better for cleaning your hair than chemical products. The type of shampoo and conditioner should also depend on your hair type. Instead of trying out several chemical-based shampoos and conditioners, it is best to stick to a natural product that suits your hair.