Tire Noisy- Choppy Sound When Drive Your Car

Driving car is always fun as it gives you lot of pleasure and comfort. However, sometimes your car may create some noisy choppy sound which becomes very irritating and frustrating for you to drive the car. This problem generally arises in old cars and in those cars which do not go for servicing frequently.

The three common sounds that are found in cars are-

Rattling (two small pieces of tin lightly touching each other),
Clunking (hammer hitting a sold piece of metal)
Groaning (it gets louder with the speed of the car)

It becomes very difficult for the driver to concentrate on driving when he has to go through this ordeal of noisy choppy sounds. There is no permanent solution to get rid of these irritating sounds, but these sounds can be lowered down to an extent.

The other most common problem that occurs in the car is noisy and squeaky brakes and most of you have often faced this problem. The squealing of the brakes is caused by the dirt in pad and if your car is continuously creating this sound then you must immediately take your car to the service station. This is because sometimes this problem may have other causes as well such as the vibration between the calipers and the mounts or the pads and caliper are vibrating constantly. If not given proper attention to it, it may lead to other major problems in the car.

The sound of creaky doors can be very frustrating every time you open and close the doors. It indicates you that the wear is taking place in the door hinge. Do not leave it unattended because it may result in a sagging and the hinge would become sloppy. To get rid of this sound you may spray oil in the pin area of both hinges. Open and close doors multiple times so that the oil is penetrated properly.

The other problem that you may have to go through is clicking noise while moving the steering wheel. If not paid proper attention on time this sound might go worse. You need to immediately send your car to the service station and get rid of it.

You would also find persistent squealing when driving your car, the squealing occurs due to belt slipping. In this case you can find belt dressing at an automotive store and spray on it. If this stops your squealing then you may replace the belt.

Another reason behind any noisy choppy sounds in the car is rash driving at bumpy roads. Rash driving adversely affects your cars life. Driving in poor roads with potholes and pits can severely damage your car therefore; you must avoid driving at such roads in order to keep durability and life of your vehicle. It is very important for every car owner to keep his/her in a good shape and condition and it should not be taken for granted. Car is an asset and the more you keep it a good condition, the better it would run on roads.