Top 10 Best Selling Car Brands In America

The largest population in America travels in cars. Today the cars have not remained a means of transport but have become a thing of comfort and a sign of economic status. People prefer expensive and comfortable luxury cars. The article discusses the top 10 best-selling car brands in America. The list of best car brands in America will help you to know the statistics of increasing rate of car sales in America.
If you are thinking of buying a car and comfort is the key concern behind that objective, our information on best car brands in America will definitely help you in achieving your purpose. The cars with good economy, comfort levels, and longevity are mostly preferred by the people. People buy branded and expensive cars due to its extraordinary features and smooth ride over the road.
Below is the list of top 10 car brands that are widely sold in US. The sales are for the month of June in 2010.
Top 10 best Selling Car Brands in America:
With the introduction of 2011 Ford Mustang, Ford topped the list of best-selling car brands in US leaving Chevrolet Camaro in the second position. The sales of Ford increased to 16.2% and the total sales were around 155,332.
Chevrolet Camaro was outstandingly hit before introduction of Ford Mustang in the market. The sales of Camaro increased to 32.5% and the total sales were around 141,381.
Toyota was the third most popular car brand in America in June 2010. The sale of car boosted to 7.4% and the total cars sold were 123,272. It was the top-most selling car brand for the year 2009.
Honda is one of the major and well-known auto makers. The sales of Honda boosted up by 7% in June 2009 and the total cars sold were 95,788. It remained the fourth best-selling car brand in America.
Nissan was rated the 5th best car brand in America. The sales of Nissan increased to 8.2% in June 2010. The total cars sold in this year were 56,266. It achieved one of the largest sale of vehicles in North America.
The Hyundais Equus is the large sedan that augmented the sales of the brand in June 2010. Hyundai experienced a tremendous 35% rise in the car sale and around 51,205 cars of this make were sold. It remained the 6th best-selling car brand in US.
Dodge finished 7th in the overall sales of car brands in America. The Dodge scored around 66.8% growth in the sales in this year. Around 36,996 cars were sold in this particular year.
Kia occupied 8th position in the list of best car brands in US. The sale of this brand increased to 18.9% in June 2010. Around 31,906 cars of this brand were sold in this year. The 2011 Kia Sorento was the best-selling car of this brand.
The GMC was a non car building brand. Its sales boosted by 45% than what they were in May 2009. It is ranked 9th in the list of top 10 best-selling car brands in America. Around 28,526 cars of GMC brand were sold in USA in June 2010.
Subaru gained the 10th position in the list of top 10 best-selling car brands. Its sales increased to 16% than the previous year and around 21601 cars of this brand were sold in June 2010. Subaru is making a charge out from under the shadow into the mainstream.
The above information describes the top 10 most selling car brands in America.