Top 10 Hairstyle Up-dos

Advice for Hair Styles written by Natalia Ramirez Pena
Writer for
When we are talking about modern looks and special events , Up-Dos are always one of the best options to complement a fantastic outfit. They give a touch of class and glamour to any outfit and can make us look espectauclar. This is why I present to you the top 10 Hairstyle Up-Dos.

10. Up-Dos Braids: Braids have taken a very important place among different hair styles as they are very both parctical and femenine. Also the braids give a chic bohemian style to your day or night aoutfit.

9. Up-Dos High Bun: It is the perfect hair style for a high fashion dress, because this hair style is clean and simple. The high bun emphasizes the facial features. I recommend you wear it with delicate jewelry.

8. Up-Dos Side Bun: Besides being very practical, they can be our salvation on those days when our hair is a wreck. They are very romantic and elegant, specially when they go with waves. Not to mention they can match every type of dress you can think of.

7. Up-Dos Loose Waves: Its a hair style with which you can wear your hair if its naturally wavy. It can be very casual but also modern and easy to match with clothes. Wear with very defined make up and you will steal the show.

6. Up-Dos Uncovered Face: The aproppiate hair style for women with very delicate features. This hairstyle emphasizes your natural beauty. Very elegant and perfect for classic vintage dresses.

5. Up-Dos High Pony Tail: It is a hairstyle meant for strong women. The High Pony Tail gives a very striking look to whoever wears it. I recommend combining the high pony tail with discrete jewelry, because the hairstyle calls for enough attention on its own.

4. Up-Dos Bump: It is a modern hairstyle aproppiate for special events as it looks very elegant. It is not meant to be used as a daily look. Wear it with soft make up and long dresses.

3. Up-Dos with Bangs: Youre sure to be the cutest girl around if you wear this hairstyle. It gives you the look of an innocent girl. The bangs are key in this hair style. Make sure that they are straight.

2.Up-Dos Pin Up: It is a classic style that returns from the 50s. This type of hair style is very particular so it should be combined with a retro outfit. Pay close attention to your lips and eyelashes as they are essencial to complete the Pin Up style.

1. Up-Dos Messy: Although this isnt one the most glamourus hair styles around, the Messy Up-Do is risky and has a great personality. It doesnt follow any rules and thats what makes it fun. Also it is very easy to pull off. Try it!.