Top 10 Mma And Ufc Brands – Does Mma And Ufc Style Clothes And T – Shirts Make You A Fighter

Well, the “numero uno” brand is definately Tapout Clothing.This is the must have if you are in martial arts.Some people say its bulls***,but i think this brand are the One. They have lots of products starting with t-shirts and ending with shoes.The desing is also A+,cool and agressive slogans on clothes and names of your favorite fighters.
The prices are not so low as they maybe should be,people complain always “its too expensive and so on”.Right?
Depending where you buy them the average price is for a t-shirt $19.99 to $23.99.But there is shops where the prices can go up to $40 bucks,which is expensive.

The Affliction Clothing is the second killer style brand.Like the first one this produces also t-shirts,hoodies,shoes,hats and so on.But this one is the underworld stuff.Crosses and sculls everywhere.Lots of metal bands wear this.
The prices are pretty high $40 for a t-shirt is a robbery.But they have very cool looking wallets,jewelry and watches.

The next one is Cage Fighter Clothing.This is the pure sport stuff.All items are desinged for a training guys.Classical sport wear.The prices are ok also,$19 for a shirt…..Why i would buy this if i can buy for same price Tapout shirt???
But,its everyones choice.

Now…The Contract Killer Clothes….The name speaks for it self,or not? I think not..For me they are too twisted.But some of those are quite nice looking.And by the word “nice” i dont mean nice:)
The prices are also over valued in my opinion.But once again,everyone has their own taste of style.

Hostility Clothing style is nice.They have proper style and the logos and the look of clothes are proper.The hoodies,shirts and shorts are just exactly what you must have.The prices are again various,from $22.99 to $29.99.But this is the price if you wanted to look cool and being cool need a little money.Right?

Silver Star Clothing is next must have brand.If you look at their desing and logos than you see that they are worth buying.Dollars,skulls,guns and spades.All those on t-shirt asks you to buy them.The prices are high,but woth it.Make sure you check them out.

The Sinister Clothing brand looks like more modern,they also have skulls and insects.”Little” spiders on your back….so sweet:)
But they have even dress shirts.So if you are getting married,why not choose a Sinister Clothes brand!
Prices are from $15 to $40 for a t-shirt.

Sprawl Shorts are the real UFC Fighter must have.This brand is totally sport and fight people stuff.So if you are not a MMA or UFC fighter dont buy it…… was a joke:)
No matter are you fighter or not this is the serious stuff for serious people.The prices ($22.00 for a shirt) and the look are the best.

Sullen is not so much MMA or UFC stuff,but they are doing quite well in MMA.Who wants skulls and swords,-they are made for you.Prices are $19.99 to $30.00.You will find exactly this kind of shirt to go in church in sunday:)

Warrior Clothes are the interesting in their own way.Actually this brand is kicking a**.And you know why?
Because they even make socks!!!
You cant be warrior if you dont have Warrior socks.Hell with the sword and shield,but you must have warrior socks.And they are with the right price,just $12.99. I wonder is the price for one or for the pair.

So this was the TOP 10 from the MMA and UFC fashion world.You can find these brands at my shop.
The prices are as low as they can.
See you there!