Touchless Car Wash Systems – Is It Worth The Try

In modern times, automation is the buzzword everywhere. Car washes have not been left behind; what with the advent of touchless car wash systems. As the name suggests, a touchless car wash has minimal to zero human intervention. Other than the use of automated vacuums and rollers to clean the cars, some touchless car wash systems even have a coin slot machine or credit card swipe section where the driver pays for the wash beforehand. The efficiency of car wash systems has continued to improve with time and can today handle upwards of 100 cars per hour. Touchless car wash systems use water nozzles that spray water at high pressure that dislodges dirt particles on every part of the car. X stream wash systems are one of the leading vendors of proven car wash systems. So how exactly do touchless car systems work?

Well, first you drive to the car wash entrance (This part of the process has not yet been automated!). Once the car is in position at the entry into the car washing system, ensure that the windows are closed and the antennae have been retracted. The conveyor then takes over. There is a device known as a correlator at the start of the conveyor. The correlator is structured in a way that allows the wheels of the car to slide sideways as it fits into place and properly aligns. The car is then rolled through the tunnel.

The conveyor system can be either a Front Wheel Pull standard, which as the name infers, engages the front left wheel, or a Rear Wheel Push standard, which engages the rear left wheel. There is an infrared beam within the car wash tunnel and is used to detect the motion of the car as it gets into place; this is what triggers the beginning of the actual car wash. Another role of the infrared beam is to measure the length of the vehicle. Different vehicle lengths will determine several other aspects of the car wash including how long the system will take on the car.

The washing process then proceeds with the low-pressure application of a special solution meant to moist the vehicle surface and starts to loosen the dirt. Cloth strips then rub on the car surface and clean it. Detergent is then introduced after which the scrubbers are switched on. Next, water jets are turned on and perform a final clean before the car gets to the rinse arch where any remaining dirt residues are removed. High-pressure compressors then dry the car.

Anyone intending to setup a car wash should place X stream systems touchless car wash systems at the top of their list. One of the features that the X stream touchless car ash systems comes with that you will be hard pressed to find in other car wash systems is a special wheel cleaner that targets the vehicle rims and blasts off the dirt that often hides in the wedges of the rim and can escape a standard touchless car wash system.