Trends Of Mobile Advertising In India!

From planning to execution of the media plan, advertisers follow a step by step procedure to
launch a promotion campaign for a brand. Amongst the various promotional strategies, media
planning is considered the most important stratagem by advertisers. You need to launch your
campaign through a best suited media, which will drive sales of your product. Today, mobile
ads & internet ads are quite popular in India. Considered as personalized modes of brand
promotion, advertising through mobile & internet media provides immediate effect on customers.
Through this article, the importance of mobile advertising (in particular) along with the trends
of this mode of advertising are briefly discussed.

SMS or Short Messaging Service through mobile phone devices has resulted in an increased
practice of brand promotion amongst a wide range of advertisers and brand owners. Offering
customised and personalised options of promoting a brand, mobile advertising is quite in
vogue in India. Unlike emails which reach customers through internet media, mobile ads are
considered more reachable and accessible to customers because of the portable feature of mobile
phones. The upsurge of pocket internet is yet another innovation in mobile advertising. However,
SMS ads offer end to end brand promotion solutions immediately and effectively.

Mobile advertisers are expert who are responsible for launching a brand promotion campaign
through mobile media. A mobile advertiser is not necessarily the brand owner; he is the one who
advertises the brand to the target customers (through a mobile device) on behalf of the brand
owner. Mobile advertisers are the latest pundits in contemporary brand advertising. Ensuring
quick and effective result for any brand promotion, mobile advertising opens a new pool of
advertising opportunity for small and large scale advertisers.

Advertising through mobile media is less expensive than advertising through other media such
as television, radio, print etc. BULK SMS is one common practice of SMS campaign. With
facilities such as 1 paisa per sms offers and embedded technique of launching a mobile sms
campaign through internet (by using particular softwares), advertisers find mobile advertising an
easier and hassle-free mode of brand promotion. BULK SMS campaigns are launched through
internet media to gain favour from the public. Through BULK SMS campaign, advertisers send
one sms to different customers simultaneously.

The importance of mobile advertising is likely to increase in the coming years especially

when brand new products will be launched in the market. Moreover, the hectic lifestyles of the
customers also demand the need to reach them through more personalised means amongst which
mobile advertising is one.