Tuxedos The Perfect Party Wear For Men

Men have been making their mark felt in the fashion world in the recent times. The demand for designer wear for men has shot up like never before. Why fall behind in this race? Look your best anytime and every time you are headed for a party. Tuxedos make the perfect party wear for men. A midnight blue or a traditional black jacket will make you look brilliant on any formal evening. You can never go wrong with tuxedos. Wear it for any gathering and you can trust the tuxedo blindly to do its work. Tuxedos also work very well for your wedding reception party. A white dress shirt, silk collar and a lovely black dinner jacket will make you look like a dream groom. There has been an increase in demand for tuxedos in recent times for parties and weddings. No longer do men depend on borrowed tuxedos. As one good quality tuxedo works well for a long time to come. Just mix and match it with different shirts. Instead of buying a typical tuxedo you can browse through different designs and grab some chic tuxedos for yourself.

Mens suits are no longer old and boring. Add spark and dazzles to them by choosing a tuxedo. A jacket with satin touch makes it look bright and urbane. You can choose between single breast and double breast styles depending on what you are comfortable with. When you buy your tuxedos, make sure to glamorize it with the right buttons. Although a tuxedo would typically carry two or three buttons but the viewers attention is bound to reach those. Also wearing matching cuff links always! Tuxedos work very well for the reception party you are organizing. But what you wear for your regal wedding? Nothing can outclass the Indian wedding sherwani. When you are wearing such traditional sherwani you look nothing less than a prince. It adds a touch of tradition and good looks to your masculine frame. To make heads turn just add a mens stole or shawl to it. You can also order custom made grooms turbans to your attire for that complete regal look. The turban can be made of bandhani or jamawar material which matches your sherwani coat.

If you are looking forward to dressing yourself in the most traditional mens wear for your wedding then embroidered dhoti kurtas are a brilliant option. It will make your parents proud and make your wedding more memorable than you ever thought. The benefit that todays youth gets is that they do not have to drape the dhoti by themselves nor wonder about the embarrassment caused by falling dhotis! Designers will custom make your wedding dhoti with an elastic waist band which you can easily lift and wear. The dhoti still looks best in light shade of white and cream with a slight tinge of gold. However you can experiment and bring changes in the kurta. You can choose the kurta in bright shades of red, gold or orange. There can be intricate embroidery down the collar and on the sleeves. All over you can leave it plain or opt for some self designing. If you are not quite convinced of what your friends will think of you then designer kurta pajamas are a good bet for you. Do not compromise with typical wedding colors; rather go for the latest colors like aqua blue, dark maroon, gold-green and more.