Understanding Men’s Fashion

Men are becoming increasingly fashion conscious, worrying about their appearance to a much greater degree than they ever have before. For some men this can be daunting; how can you tell what looks good, it isnt always clear. The shoe department tends to be the area in which men fail with fashion, but never fear, here, we will outline some of the rules for men concerning footwear what looks good and what doesnt.

People choose their shoes for different reasons, some for reasons of practicality, and others for style and fashion. The majority of people, however, fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

One thing seems clear with men regarding shoes, they seem reluctant to vary their style, having one or two pairs of shoes in circulation at any one time, wearing them until they wear out and then replacing them a pair at a time. Look into a womans wardrobe, and you are much more likely to find a dizzying array of shoes very few women have only a few pairs and the majority have at least 10.

Our first piece of advice for men is thus; buy a variety of different styles so that you can rotate your style from day to day. Furthermore never stick primarily with trainers, they are great for casual settings, but for pubs, clubs and bars, a decent pair of dress shoes is what you need.

If it is a lack of confidence that holds you back from varying your style, then do not worry, try wearing different shoes in places where you feel comfortable, or where you know people will not notice. This way, you can learn to feel at ease in a variety if different shoes.

Tips for Choosing Mens Shoes:

Generally, you should wear shoes that are darker than your trousers. If you know that you wear a lot of dark clothing, then you should opt for black, dark brown or dark navy.

When choosing which socks to wear, make sure that they do not contrast too much with your shoes. Unless you want to make a statement by wearing a funky pair of socks (popular with the geek-chic style of clothing), then wear socks that are a similar colour to your shoes.

Your belt should match your shoes in general; the exception to the rule is when wearing a patterned belt, such as with a graphic design. In this instance, the belt is used to make a statement and should thus standout.

When wearing jeans, you can where almost any style of shoes, but avoid shoes that are clearly for formal occasions, as they tend to look a little peculiar with jeans.

With other types of casual trousers combats, chinos, khakis…, you should be wearing mens shoes that are slightly formal brogues or loafers for example.