Use your hair accessory properly and save your hair

Perfect hair accessories can help you to protect your hair as well as can make a unique style statement. Different attractive hair accessories like cute hairpins, butterfly clips, ruffles, beads, diamond, vibrant colored feathers, and hair bands are usually being used as popular hair accessories. When you are using an accessory always keep in mind that your hair must be comfortable with the accessory. It must fit comfortably in your hair, not too tight and not too hard. Because if it is not fitting your hair properly then it can cause big trouble handling the ornament, and can damage your beautiful hair or even may cause hair fall. Wrong use of bands, guarder or clips can cause messy hairstyle.

In summer beat the summer heat using hair bands, back clips, and fashionable hairpins. As for instance you can use your hair accessories such that it can keep your hair off the nape of your neck. Ornamental metal clips look ethnic with gorgeous dress like sari or lehenga. Gold colored beads, false diamond can make a bride princess of the night. Aishwaryas look in Hum dil de chuke sanam or in Devdas can be sited. Vintage looking hairpins and clips can be used. Clips encrust with stones can be a good option.

In summer, if you have long hair use ruffles, ribbons, butterfly clips. Before going out in sun wrap your hair with scurf, which matches your outfit, may be it is your dupatta. You can simply tie your hair with that cloth. It is a casual style statement. Now a day, clips made by bamboo skins and various woods are becoming popular among young generations. If you have short hair then cloth bands are very useful. Bands keep the hair off the forehead, which looks pretty nice. Untied hair becomes messy and uncontrollable when you are outside and this cause frizzy and dry hair. It cause hair fall while combing your hair.

There are also some precious hair accessories, which can be used occasionally. Beaded silver comb by Naugi is a vintage looking comb, which has leaves and tiny flowers ornamented with crystals, and glass pearls. It is worn at the top of the head or it can be used as back-of-the-hair decorations. There are also flower hair clips. For a grand event this is a great option. Silk flowers with Swarovski crystals with an array of blooming colors add an extra sparkle to your outfit. This is easy to put on and put off. There are also Lejuel Flamenco Flame Hair Pick–exotic and sultry, Lemon gift Heirloom Bobby pin -jeweled and surrounded by glittering stones, HB Hair Jewels Austrian Crystal Barrettes– consists of high sparkled rose colored crystals. All of these are exotic, grand and colorful only match with traditional outfit. Therefore, a good dressing sense along with a little awareness is useful enough to give your hair a fabulous look. So go wild with your unique style statement and watch the eyes around you staring with bewilderment.