Various Advertising Formats That Reach Out To Customers!

Advertisers adopt various formats of advertising to reach out to target customers. In todays blog, let us briefly talk about a few channels of brand communication that are commonly adopted by brand owners and advertisers.

Television Advertising

Television Advertising is one of the affordable options of promotion that also cater to smaller businesses than one thinks. Television Advertising is a strong medium as it is a combination of two main senses- sound and sight that creates an emotive response on target audiences. A good television commercial delivers a clear brand message that engages those senses. Television Advertising also allows a brand owner to reach a targeted audience of views to maximize leads and branding. Television ads are fondly watched by audiences. In a country like India, television advertising is one of the favourite means of brand promotion for advertisers.

Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising is also an affordable means of brand promotion and has also proven to be the most effective means for delivery of advertisements to targeted audiences. Radio Advertising reaches out to potential customers who are located at a particular place. Radio ads are in fact good to target a locale target audience though it doesnt mean its restricted only to local levels. During national crisis and emergency, radio is one of the mediums that reach out to millions of people. Brand owners also benefit a lot by advertising their products through the various FM channels.

Print Advertising

Print advertising i.e. any print format of brand promotion is one of the conventional means used by brand owners to position their products in the market. The importance of print advertising is still felt in todays time. Most of the newspapers or magazine publishers benefit a lot by selling spaces for print ads. This gives a clear hint how print advertising is still a preferred means of promotion among advertisers.

Benefits of Radio Advertising!

Various advertising channels are available for brand owners to position their brands in the market. Radio is an effective means of advertising a brand, service, cause or business among target audiences. Radio Ads are still popular options of brand promotion for various brand owners and advertisers. Despite competition from other advertising channels such as television, internet, newspapers etc., radio ads are still a chosen means of communicating a brand message to the TG. The benefits of radio advertising are many. In the following paragraphs, let us take a look at three benefits of radio advertising.

Cost Effective

Radio is an inexpensive means of advertising your product among target groups. Especially for small business owners, radio ads are the best means of reaching out to a wider target group. Radio Ads rely on audio effects that provide a lasting impression about the brand on customers mind. The cost of radio ads vary as per the market share of the station. However, as compared to other mediums, radio is a cost effective channel to reach out to a mass target group.

Targets a mass audience

As mentioned above, radio is one of the strong channels of communication that reaches out to a large audience. Radio listening is one of the favourite pass times of individuals. While listening to their favourite programs on the various FM channels, customers also do not miss to listen the brand commercials. Thus, if one is targeting a mass audience through the promotion campaign, radio advertising is the right means to launch the ad campaign.

Focussed and targeted brand message

One more major benefit of radio advertising is that the advertiser can provide a focussed and targeted brand message to customers. One can target specific audiences by choosing which stations to place the advertisements on. Especially for area specific ad campaigns, radio channels are the best means to reach out to customers.