Wear Your Own Hairstyles

Hair styles is that part of your profile, which makes you turn into a cute and adorable looking doll, to just simple look as you have turned from sleep. So in this condition, would you not like to just care and manage up with your hairs? Just a few twists on those well known hairstyles, you can have a gorgeous hairstyle that would simply turn you head.

Carrying yourself with the proper hairstyle, would make you look perfect and also depends on the shape of your face. As the very first step for detecting a perfect hairstyle is to decide the shape of your face as generally there are so many faces as oval as, Pear, rectangular, square, round and diamond. So after deciding, just roll down to click the best hairstyle which would be suiting you.

Hair style for an oval shaped face

The one having the oval shaped are just perfect one as every hair style just suits them a lot. You are lucky as you can go for fringes, step cuts or curls at the back would also make you look beautiful. Better make sure that if you are having oval shaped face then, try to keep all your hairs a back as it would hide your face features, and if in case you are having a small face then it is better to just avoid fringes on your face as it would make your face look abrupt in the hairs.

Hair style for round face

As in round face, the hair line and chin are having the similar curve, so you should always opt to those hairstyles which make your face look curvy. Avoid going for boy cuts as it might lend you fullers appearance and better recommended are u shaped cutting. Better avoid those hairstyles which would crop your hairs to chin, and better to choose those one which would give your face a curvy look.

Hair style foe square shaped face

If you are having square shaped face, then it is better not to have long hairs and don’t ever go for straightening. You can just opt to wavy hairs, as medium length wavy hairs are going to give you a trendy look and make your face look curvy too. You can also get your hairs premed by a professional.

Hair style for rectangular shaped face

Rectangular faces are often very long so, it’s better to opt to those hairstyles which would reduce the length of your face, so you can just prefer having cuts as layers, or going for side cuts also is also a good option.

Hairstyles for diamond shaped face

Again, you are very lucky, if you are having this shape as every hairstyle is going to suit you a lot, whether it is wavy or long hairs. You need not to worry for length of hairs too, and if having long hairs can go for real hair extensions, which would suit you.

So, now after looking carefully for your face shape, you are surely going to give yourself a perfect look, which would make you admired and look beautiful.

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