What Exactly Is Car Audio

Driving to work, to travel by car on weekends, late at night walking on the highway when driving, if you really like the way the music to accompany, how ya it would be intended to do. But without a decent car audio equipment, how can we feel to do this ya means? I have done research in the country, found that many people are very strange car audio, over 90% of people in the car before the car stereo perception is very vague, and even some car owners in a couple of years or less understand the complete structure of car audio.

So, what exactly is car audio?

In fact, car audio and home audio, sound stage, similar to essentially restore the sound and video equipment, also has a sound source (CD, DVD or DVD, etc.), preamplifier, amplifier (also known as power amplifiers), speaker (also known as horn) four basic parts.

As the depot cost reasons, that match the original car audio car audio usually, preamplifier and amplifier together (that is, we usually say that the host), then the whole tone matched normal speakers complete a basic system to meet the basic Some high-profile and high-end cars will have separate speakers and a dedicated subwoofer (like the crown, Audi, etc.). As technology advances, new sources and continue to integrate practical features, like navigation, Bluetooth communications, vehicle diagnostics and other functions, on behalf of the brand has made Huayang, day camp, fly rhyme, Philco and Japanese Panasonic , Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, etc. With the rising demand for car owners in Europe and America focus on the speaker, microphone and preamplifier developments in the field of professional car audio brands continue to be imported into China, such as the Department of Man-piano Europe, Tanner, rainbow and U.S. Department of Radford, Golden Phoenix etc.

Car audio and home audio and what is the difference?

As the car special use of the environment, car audio and home audio or has a very clear distinction. First of all, car audio need to withstand temperatures typically in the range -20 degrees to 80 degrees, relative to the room temperature is used in home audio, will be strictly a lot. Second, the interior space and seismic requirements, car audio usually lightweight and integrated, more sophisticated than home audio. Then, the location of car speakers in the doors and dashboard often, and home stereo’s display of a very big difference, car audio sound field requires a special design. Finally, the use of vehicles 12-volt power supply, current is relatively limited, car audio need special low-voltage, low current and low-impedance design. So, if you buy your car audio than home audio expensive, is actually a relatively normal thing. Overall, home audio car audio is different from a professional field of study.

We really like how the car stereo it?

Choose a suitable car stereo is actually a more complicated issue, will involve you like the sound of orientation, to help you with car audio sales staff aware of your needs, the current mainstream car audio market, schools and the branded products, and your choice of professional installation shops in many other issues. Today, we are first on what kind of car owners actually like to do a simple audio discussion.

China in the past the school, teaching equipment and teaching staff as the restrictions, it is difficult to complete the student’s music education system, our understanding of music is usually Lingding and one-sided. The growth of each person in different environments and lifestyles, but also allows us to music and car audio for that demand a relatively large differences. Currently a larger problem is that owners often do not understand or do not easily express their needs, in fact, the problem still rules to follow. Such as the nightlife like often go to KTV and bar owners, due to the impact of this environment, usually a perfect interpretation of the requirements can be dynamic and focus on electronic music in the low frequency of car audio. And like their musical instruments and car owners like to go to concerts, classes focus on listening usually needs to restore the true sound of car audio. And life is the law of the owner, will focus on car audio sound quality, and now mainstream music lovers tend to light, transparent, bright musical expression.

Therefore, we choose to sound, we also need to think about, what their favorite kind of car stereo do?

Car audio conversion in the understanding of the basic form and structure, the more the owner needs is based on location. These pictures are from the modified car owners do not have style, we can see a completely different genre, classical, modern, stylish. And they never deviate from them, they will be after the trunk was fully utilized, and this is a high-level play area car audio, we will in the future to introduce the curriculum.