What is Career Management & How Can Personal Career Solutions Help You

Even though the career coaching and development industry continues to grow, most people still do not understand the concept of career management and outplacement services.

We asked Personal Career Solutions to describe what Career Management is. This has been designed to get you thinking about how career management can assist jobseekers and HR departments and uncover some of the myths surrounding the industry as a whole.

What Career Management is NOT:

Recruitment a career coach is not there to find you a job and will never take a fee for placing you. Whilst career consultancies have many ties with headhunters and HR departments their job is to assist you to make the right decision for your career not to help the company find their perfect candidate. Its a subtle difference but is integral to understanding the process of career management support.

A friendly neighbourhood Career management is designed to take you out of your comfort zone in order to broaden your career horizon. Working through the unadvertised job market will widen your network and get you forging relationships with people you would have previously overlooked and even avoided

A once in a lifetime project your career spans most of your lifetime so to think you only have to address its progression once is a complete oversight. A career management coach can lay the foundations in the short term that will help you progress your long term career goals. The job you find with your career coach may not be the perfect position, but a stepping stone to achieving the ultimate role.

How Career Management WILL help:

A career coach will give you perspective, perspective that those close to you will not be able to give. It sounds like the simplest of things, but having an impartial voice will help you immensely in developing your career and creating ideas for the direction of your job search.

Career coaches are career professionals. Dont pretend to know better than them. They may not have expert knowledge on your industry but they will know how to put a strategy in place and develop procedures in order to achieve your end goal. Remember that a career coach has travelled many career paths alongside their clients and will have direct experience of how to heighten success and elude failure.

When approaching recruiters and HR departments you will be prepped and ready to make the right conversations. By doing this you appear proactive and in turn stand out, making a positive impression. The careful planning of a career coach will facilitate the hiring process. The apparent ease from your first contact, to interview and through to accepting a position will almost certainly make you more attractive to a hiring manager.

Personal Career Solutions provide a bespoke career coaching service to all their clients to make sure they are making the right decisions that will really maximise their career change potential. The support provided by Personal Career Solutions will help you today, whilst setting you on the right track to find the new opportunities for tomorrow.

For more information, and to arrange a one to one consultation with a career coach, visit www.personalcareersolutions.co.uk or call 0844 880 6690 to speak to an adviser.