What Kind Of Hairstyle Suits My Face

Deciding on a haircut can be a complicated process, choosing a style that is modern and suits you can be difficult. Before deciding on a haircut you need to determine what kind of face shape you have so your new hairdo will complement your face in addition to looking trendy. If you live in a city like, you can be spoilt for choice with which hairdressers to visit. Why not visit a hairdressers and tell them the style you want to suit your face? It’s best to experiment with different hairdressers in your city in order to find the perfect hair salon for you.

To find out what face type you have simply tie your hair back and pin all hairs back from your face. Take a lipstick or dry-wipe marker and head for the mirror. In the mirror, draw around the shape of your head and take a step back. Check which head shape you have and then read the advice to find the perfect Barnet to suit your face.

Heart Shape: Avoid cuts that create too much volume around the crown as that can make the width of the forehead look bigger. Wispy light fringes suit a heart shaped head and blunt fringes look great, especially if your hair is rather thick.

Round Shape: Strictly avoid blunt fringes as they can make your face look even more round. To create the illusions of a longer face try to create as much height as possible at the crown. This can be done through having layers at the top and back of the hair. Having a long sweeping fringe can help elongate the face further, slimming it down.

Square Shape: Layering at the top and softening around the ears will help to soften the jawline. On the other hand, really short cuts will unnecessarily make the jaw line look squarer. Long straight styles should also be avoided. Oval Shape: Those with an oval shape face are lucky as they can choose from many signs. A heavy fringe should be avoided as it can hide your features. Those with a fine hair type should experiment with a super short “catwalk style” cut. Pretty much any style will suit a round face so why not experiment?

Long Shape: Avoid really long hairstyles as these will just elongate your face. Too much volume on the crown will also lengthen the face if teemed with super-straight sides. Highlighting around the sides of the face can help shorten the face when teemed with darkening colours around the forehead area. If you have a long forehead then having a heavy, blunt fringe can help to reduce the length of the forehead.

Establishing your face shape and what suits it before visiting the hairdressers can help reduce the chances of having the haircut from hell. Make sure you tell your hairdresser exactly what cut you want to avoid confusion and take photographs in where possible to really clarify what hairstyle you desire.