What Makes a Punk Hairstyle

Vibrant colors and punk hair cuts go hand in hand. The absolute best manner in which to get noticed is to make a loud bang using your hair. And an outrageous and wild punk hairdo is certainly a loud bang. But before diving in and taking the plunge with a punk hairdo, here are a few key factors that you must understand regarding these quirky styles.

Types of Punk Hair Styles
A punk hairstyle is easily recognizable. This is because of the highly visible characteristics of the design, which include bright colors, intense cuts, and funky fresh designs. However, don’t forget; not every “totally different” haircut can be classified as punk.

So if you have your heart and mind set on pulling off the punk style, you will want to comprehend how all of these elements are related, and the way the infusion of all creates the colorful, eclectic punk statement that you desire.

The Vivid Color
The most common components to punk style are vivid colors. The majority of punk hairstyles mix minimal amounts of colors or color mixtures. Be aware that the most common choices of colors are un-natural ones such as orange, pink, purple, blue, and green. Neon shades of color are widespread also.

In terms of color application, it can be applied completely to the hair, or simply sections such as highlights on the tips, striped hair, or colorful bangs. Do not forget that a loud color should be used. Platinum blonde is a common selection because of its high contrast to most natural hair colors.

The Bold Drastic Cut
The cut of the hair will also be a deciding factor for whether a hairdo is classified as punk. At the end of the day, any type of cut that’s completely different or not mainstream, such as a mohawk, would be classified as punk. Long on the top, but bald on the sides is most certainly not your standard style. Shaved patterns that are carved into the hair also identify a punk look, and typically non-conforming messages will be shaved into the hair also. Asymmetrical, or uneven cuts where the hair is long on one side, but short on the opposite are definate punky hair styles.

The Funky Design
In the end, it’s the overall look that defines a punk hairstyle. Take the mohawk for instance. Whether or not it’s a bright neon color, or a symbol shaved within the the hair, it is a punk hairdo either way. How about long on top, and buzzed sides? Or a spikey top and bald sides? Doesn’t matter, still punk.

Alternative punky designs that are consistently outrageous and distinctive are braids, parts, and loops. And as if the hair design wasn’t enough, there are accessories that may also be used to insure that punk appearance.

So what do you think? Do you got what it takes to “rock the punk”? Remember, your punk hair style will come from your desire to be be distinctive and creative, combined with an inclination to think outside the box. And then apply that to your hair style. Now there is only one question left; are you prepared to go punk??