What Makes Hybrid Cars Unique

Hybrid cars are the fuel efficient automobiles that have a dual mode. They use more than one power sources such as ethanol, gasoline, hydrogen and solar. It has a petrol engine combined with the electric power generator. The electric power is generated by the electric motor power batteries. It is designed with the basic aim to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. It is different from the simple or non-hybrid cars in many aspects.

In a hybrid car, you will never be stuck with such a problem. Whether the hybrid car is a series or parallel version, it will somehow take you to a gas station. This is a rare convenience that drivers only discover when they drive hybrid cars. There are certain other features that make a hybrid car unique.

Similar to the ordinary gasoline powered cars, regular maintenance is necessary for the hybrid vehicles. The maintenance cost of hybrid cars is nominal as compared to ordinary gasoline powered cars. The hybrid cars have an ability to give the best, in any environment. Another advantage that the hybrid cars have over other cars is that it does not have an ordinary braking system. In hybrid cars, when you are slowing down to stop temporarily, the electric motor takes the strain off the braking system.

The hybrid cars are environment friendly because of less toxic emissions. It burns less amount of gasoline as compared to the standard gasoline powered vehicles. It reduces air pollution as it releases less amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Huge quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the leading reasons for global warming. The two factors that must be considered regarding its maintenance are: less use of engine and braking system, which makes these cars unique.

Another unique feature of a hybrid car is that there is minimum external noise in the cabin of the car, which means that the passengers enjoy a quieter drive. As hybrid cars use two power sources, they are available with automatic transmissions and a selection of power sources. The driver does not have to think about the gear and the power-source to use. Everything is automated in a hybrid car; therefore the driving experience is much better. The car gives its required power and depending on the speed, selects the power source or sources. Therefore driving a hybrid car is quite easy.

Hybrid cars offer the convenience and the space of conventional cars at lower running costs. Hybrid cars are now available as hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and luxury cars. Car buyers have a choice of buying a suitable hybrid that meets their transportation needs.

Whereas, the hybrid cars furnished with electric-powered engines, have a set of powerful batteries which provide power to the electric motor that accelerates the hybrid cars. Moreover, the by-products are pollution-free and the batteries take less time to recharge.

Other attractive features include maximum efficiency of fuel and minimum-drag tires. Many lightweight materials mainly carbon fibres are greatly reduced. The body is especially aerodynamically designed. The hybrid cars are manufactured to attain high speed with minimized fuel consumption and gaseous emission. The cost of the hybrid cars has made it affordable for everyone. The manufacturers are still researching on the methods to further reduce the fuel consumption.