What makes the Audi A8 such a great Executive Hire Car

Executive Hire Cars, also known as Executive Taxi’s, are renowned for their luxury, smooth ride and added features such as in car entertainment, mini bars and plush interior. You will find many different makes and models of Executive cars as most manufacturers have a high end model that can make the grade, then add on a few creature comforts and you have your ultimate corporate taxi!
So what makes the Audi A8 such a great Executive Hire Car?

Well, firstly, it’s an Audi, so generally the engine is reliable. There is nothing worst than picking up a client to take them to the airport only to break down 10 miles from the destination! Also, with the Audis you tend to get efficient engines, so as long as they are driven correctly (as is normally the case with a chauffeur driven car) then the fuel consumption is normally pretty good.

And then we come to the interior build of the car. If you have ever driven an Audi – be it an A3, A4, A6 or A8 then you will know that they are a pleasure to either drive or sit in. The German build quality and attention to features and details are second to none and it shows with the Audi A8.

As with most executive cars the Audi A8 comes with a leather interior, but this leather interior is of high quality and provides a very comfortable ride. The Audi Sound systems (often supplied by Bose) create an acoustic ambiance that can make any journey pleasurable, however if you prefer you transfer to take place in silence then you can rest assured that the noise dampening features of the car mean that you won’t be hearing much of the powerful diesel engine packed under the bonnet.

Another great feature of the Audi A8 is the boot size. Ideal for passengers who are heavy on luggage. There are two different wheel base sizes of the A8, the long and short, so for larger parties this German built car is an ideal form of executive travel.