What Men Really Want – Tips To Get & Please Your Man

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We all know men are visual creatures but they also are highly attracted to the right mental approach.

If you want to attract or please your man here are some tips.

1. Dressing to kill

Men are visual creatures and there are certain areas that you can accentuate to attract them:

Breasts – Men simply love breasts and even if you are not so well endowed in this area, you can make the best of what you have with up lift bra’s and tight fitting tops.

Legs – Heels are one of the biggest turn on’s for men – Why?

Quite simply, they make legs look longer, push out the bottom, make women taller and generally more striking in appearance.

Now in dressing to kill there is a big difference between outside the house and in the bedroom!

When dressing outside you need to be careful to be sexy without looking like a tart.

A good way to look sexy is to accentuate either your top half or bottom half – not both.

For example, if you want to wear killer heels and a short skirt, don’t wear a plunging neckline -it’s important to leave something to the imagination.

Expectation and leaving something to the imagination is crucial.

Now coming to the bedroom you can be as outrageous as you wish!

Men go to lap dancing clubs for a reason – high scantily clad women high heels etc, so try it when he gets home from work and see also how a striptease goes down.

Dancing is a mating call and combined with erotic dress, is guaranteed to get your man’s pulse going.

2. Be the Hunter

Don’t wait for your man to come onto you be the hunter.

A sexy text at work is great, as to are erotic phone conversations or whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

Making the first move is highly erotic and appeals to a man’s ego, so try it.

When it comes to the bedroom be forward and make the first move and lead him where you want him.

3. Remove The Pressure to Perform

Many men feel so much under pressure to perform that they simply flop due to the pressure.

Take the pressure away and try the on top position.

Here you have control and can pleasure yourself the way you want and at the same time, pleasure your partner and relax him.

4. Compliments

Compliments the above point. Men just like women love compliments, so be sure to tell him how much you want him and how much pleasure he is going you.


In all the above points you are not only projecting your sexuality and appealing to his, you are also appealing to his ego.

You are making him feel comfortable and removing the pressure to perform, by taking the lead – you are the hunter, he is the hunted and trust me a lot of men like that feeling.

Try it and see for yourself.


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