What to do with Your Unfinished Classic Car Project

Sometimes unfinished classic car projects can sit in a barn, garage or even worse – outside in the elements – for years and even decades. During this time seals, gaskets, steel parts and rubber all begins to break down and eventually can lead to the completely ruin of your once-complete antique automobile. Save your car by considering one of these five options – assuming of course that finishing the project yourself is no longer an option.

1.) Professional Classic Car Restoration

For some car restoration projects, going professional is the only real option. This is especially true if there is significant work that needs to be done to the frame, body and drive-train components and parts are not readily available. In most cases a professional shop will be able to locate all required parts and assemble and restore the car the way it was meant to be.

One of the biggest obstacles preventing most classic car enthusiasts from going this route is the perceived cost. However, in most cases the more expensive option is to do nothing at all and simply let the car languish and rot. In fact, you may be surprised how affordable professional restoration really is.

2.) Sell Your Classic Car

Lots of individuals and even some shops will buy basketcase projects. This essentially refers to complete classic car projects that are in pieces. Depending on the amount of work involved and the condition of the car and parts, you may be able to get much more than you think for your antique car or truck. You can start by contacting restoration shops to see if they’re interested or know of anyone who is, and then proceed to traditional listings, Craigslist and even eBay if you’re feeling lucky.

3.) Trade it!

If you’ve got the right car you may be able to tempt a collector or enthusiast into a trade. Whether you’re looking for a completed project, a newer car or truck or something else entirely, chances are great that you can find the perfect trade situation by checking and interacting on classic and antique car forums and websites. Traditional newspaper ads often get fast, local results, and visiting a pro restoration shop might turn up some leads as well.

4.) Museums Might Love it

If you’ve got a great old car sleeping away in pieces somewhere on your property and you know you’re never really going to do anything with it, you may want to consider giving it to an auto museum. Often you’ll receive credit on the display and a generous tax break, and just the fact that the museum will restore and forever care for your old car is generally enough to consider this seriously as an option.

5.) Donate to Charity

Donating your basketcase classic car project to charity has a number of potential tax benefits as well as the fact that – depending on the situation – your old car may net a significant cash infusion for charities that often struggle to obtain funds to support their causes. If it’s just got to rot away anyway, you might as well help someone else out by checking around for some charities that may be interested in putting your old car or truck to good use.

If you’ve got a car in pieces somewhere and want to see it live on, call a professional classic car restorer now to find out exactly what can be done with it, and about how much time and money that will cost. However, caution should be used when finding a classic car restorations shop, as you’ll want to make sure they have the equipment and expertise to preserve your car, buy it from you or sell it for you.