What to Look for in a PPC Management Service

If you have decided to hire a PPC management company to handle your online marketing campaigns, you should familiarize yourself with the different services these companies offer. PPC management is more than just targeted keyword research. Before you hire a company, take these other factors into consideration.

Look for a company that will offer you a dedicated account manager. You should have one point of contact for your ad campaigns; someone who remembers your name and understands the unique needs of you company.

Conversion tracking allows you to see if your ads are actually leading to sales. If your ads are not effective, you can look at ways to switch your ads or keywords to improve your conversion rates,

Landing page optimization allows you to determine which pages of your website should be used with your PPC ads. Any management service you hire should be able to help you find the right landing pages for each ad, and should also help you improve those web pages before your campaign goes live.

Monthly reporting should be a part of any package service you purchase. You should have access to each ad’s budget, how much was spent, and the conversion rate for each campaign. A knowledgeable PPC Management Service will track this information, provide you with monthly reports, and help you to understand all of the information contained in those reports.

when you decide to use management services, it is important to understand exactly what you are paying for. If a company does not provide all of these services, and they cannot be included in your marketing package, you are probably looking at the wrong company. A company that does not provide all the services that go with a PPC campaign is not a company that you want in control of your marketing plan.