When to Contact a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

Too many people fail to contact a lawyer after a car accident, even when there are serious damages and extensive injuries. There are several instances in which consulting a West Palm Beach car accident attorney can be especially advantageous.

West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are complicated, expensive, and can have very serious consequences if they are not appropriately addressed. Without the presence of a qualified West Palm Beach car accident attorney, many Floridians have suffered for far too long and did not get the compensation that they needed to address their medical issues. It is important to understand when to hire a lawyer and what questions to ask when hiring an attorney.

Why Hire a Lawyer

Attorneys are not meant for minor accidents where no injuries have occurred. Those often can be settled directly with the insurance companies. If you have been in a accident involving serious injury or death, then getting in touch with an experienced lawyer is usually the best course of action. If you have been involved in such an accident in Florida, hiring a West Palm Beach car accident attorney can help ensure that you have the legal expertise and protection that you need as you deal with your accident:

Ambiguity over who was at fault in the accident
Extensive and serious injuries
Uninsured or underinsured drivers involved in the accident
Urgency surrounding statue of limitations and timing

Interviewing an Attorney

Many attorneys provide a free initial consultation in which you can discuss your case and decide how to proceed. This is an excellent opportunity to determine if the car accident attorney that you are meeting with is the ideal one for your case. The best lawyers are the ones with the perfect combination of successful experience, sincerity, and personality. This can be assessed during the initial meeting by asking a series of questions, such as:

What are your credentials?
What were your past successes and failures in similar cases to mine?
What do you believe the outcome of my case will be?
Do you usually settle cases out of court?

The answers to these questions can be very revealing. The most qualified lawyers will have obtained numerous successful verdicts and settlements in car accident cases like yours. The manner in which they address their thoughts on your case can help you see how invested they will be in your case. This is a terrific opportunity to determine if the attorney is right for you.

Consult a Lawyer Today

When you’ve been in an accident, many situations could require an experienced attorney. If you want to protect yourself and the people that you care about, a qualified attorney can make all the difference. The West Palm Beach car accident attorneys at Domnick & Shevin PL is available for an initial consultation to discuss your car accident and see what can be done legally. Don’t hesitate to call an attorney today!