Where to Find the Best Sports Car Hire

By definition a sports car is equipped with two seats, has a low center of gravity and a front mounted high performance engine. I believe to be a true sports car in the old sense of the word it must be a soft top. I think the true sports car originated in Britain with models such as the Austin Healey 3000, MG B GT s and Triumphs of the fifties and sixties. These two seater sports cars were a revolution in motoring. Generally built with folding soft top, two seats and a throaty 4 cylinder engine they gave drivers of the day the thrills they had been looking for.

Today Sports cars have evolved to be affordable accessible and practical. The original cars of the fifties and sixties were badly fabricated, they had awful handling, poor reliability, were very slow compared to today’s standards and didn’t stop well at all. The sports cars of today are fun nimble and will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

Some sports cars today even have rear seats; sometimes referred to as a 2+2 these seats allow you to car 3 additional passengers but generally speaking aren’t particularly comfortable over long journeys. Sports car hire in Spain is best suited to a couple travelling abroad looking for fun on the open road. If you intend to take a road trip or want to travel in style with a loved one there is no better feeling than putting the top down and heading out across the beautiful Spanish country side. With the breeze in your hair and the burble of exhaust notes behind you the road becomes your friend.

Taking a road trip in Spain couldn’t be easier you aren’t even restricted to return the car to the same place that you hired it from. If it suits I would suggest starting at one airport and ending at another. There will be very little difference in costs and this way you won’t have to back track or see any thing twice.

Sports cars today range from things like the now defunct TVR s or the increasingly popular Mazda MX5 even BMW and Porsche build cars which fall under the category of sports car if you are feeling wealthy or want to turn heads as you cruise the streets and boulevards of Spain try hiring a Porsche Boxer or BMW Z4. These cars are top of their game and offer the driver unbeaten control and driving experience. A trip though Spain in a Sports car is sure to leave you with memories that will last a life time.

Travelling to your final destination can also save you money; if you fly to a relatively small airport outside of the main cities this will save you money you can then travel on in your hired sports car, eliminating any need for costly airport taxis. The Mercedes SLK, Peugeot Cabriolet range and Audi A4 convertibles are widely available throughout our Spanish destinations. They are more expensive than the very bottom range vehicles but this is because they cost more to buy and more for the hire companies to insure. Although a bit frivolous the memories and feeling you will get driving a sports car during your stay are immeasurable

When hiring a specialist sports car it is always best to book early, make reservations as soon as you have your holiday booked. By doing this you will get the cheapest quotes and ensure that your sports car is ready and waiting for you the moment that you pass through arrivals in Spain. You won’t have to wait to fill out lengthy documents you can simply collect your keys put the roof down on your sports car and hit the open road. Don’t forget to take a good CD of driving songs!

Sports Car Hire . One search to compare the best car hire companies online. With so many interesting places to discover a Car Hire Spain is the recommended and most cost effective transport option.