Where to Look for Cheap Clothes

Dressing well does not have to cost too much although clothing can often cost a lot for the budget-conscious. It is possible to look for good, simple and cheap clothing only if you know where to search and shop for them. Also if you are able to sacrifice in terms of top line fashions, you can find the best clearance clothing online.

Thrift shops

One of the best ways to find cheap clothing is at thrift shops. If you look around the town or in the yellow pages, there are perhaps a number of them in your locality. Certainly, the clothes you find in these shops have been used, but they are still worth buying as they are in good condition and available for a few dollars.

Friends and Family

Exchanging old clothes with family and friends is another great idea to get some quality clothes absolutely free. If you wish to get rid of your wardrobe, give them to your family and friends who need them. Similarly, if there is a bunch of clothes that do not fit your kids anymore, give to those kids who can fit them. You can ask others to do the same.

Bargain Section and Online sites

There are plenty of online stores that have a bargain or sale sections on their site. You can easily grab some great deals by visiting these bargain sections. Thus for a couple of bucks, you can find some decent clothes for yourself.

Cheap Stores

There are some stores that are quite cheap to begin with. However, you may have to sacrifice quality to find some decent clothes. But if you spend quality time searching around, you may be able to find some really good stuff.

Closeouts and Clearance

Keep a close watch in your local newspapers for clearance sale or closeouts in your favorite local stores. You can purchase some decent and good stuff when the prices slash by fifty percent or more.


Ebay is one auction site where you can find a range of decent and cheap clothes. Everything from Gap to Gucci can be found on your favorite site at very low prices.

The Bargainist

Keep a close watch on the Bargainist for the hottest deals and sales. This can help you to grab the best offer.

Take Benefit of Holiday Promotions

Many stores offer reduced shipping rates or discounts around high-traffic times or holidays. For example, you can look for cheap women’s clothes around Mother’s Day and cheap men’s clothing around Father’s Day. Generally the left over merchandise is priced down even further after these sales. Though there may not be much choice, but you can look for some selected pieces in further slashed prices.

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