Why American made clothes make sense for Americans

Buying American made clothes is one way to help other Americans. These products help people to earn a living and to keep jobs in the country instead of sending them overseas. Transporting these goods is also more beneficial to the planet as these do not have to be sent over long distances.

The unemployment rate lingers

There are different statistics put out all the time that claim the unemployment rate is at a specific number. This only tells part of the story. People fall off the accounting system if they have exhausted unemployment benefits. There are also thousands of people that are working at lower paying jobs that they might not even have considered doing a few years ago. Many are working at more than one job just to stay afloat.

By purchasing products like clothing that are made in the U.S., Americans have jobs. People that design and sell the clothing have jobs but the people that do the actual sewing and finishing also have jobs. This is important to a lot of people but may be especially important for people that have faced long-term unemployment or are single parents. This job may be the only income for their household.

Less fuel used for shipping

Clothing that comes from Asia is sent by way of freighters with huge cargo containers across the sea. These ships haul a considerable amount of weight for the amount of fuel that they use but they still gobble down enormous quantities. With the amount of pollution in the ocean and air caused by these ships, the pollution levels everywhere are increasing. People that worry about this or that have concerns about how to stop global warming may want to find clothing sources that require the use of less energy.

Buying American encourages others

Many of the products that are made in America are the creations of entrepreneurs. These people are not dependent on others to provide a living and some will be quite wealthy in a few years after starting the business. These people can act as role models for others that want to start a business. Many times people are encouraged by the success of others. This in turn helps to create more jobs and more prosperity for the U.S.

Helps to prevent disasters in the workplace

American workers have some of the best safety protections in the world. Workplaces not only have to be structurally sound so they do not collapse like the ones in Asia but also have to have other safety features. Fire suppression systems and fire escape routes, safety glass in windows and other protections help make sure that workers are unharmed.