Why Business Administration Is So Important And Required At Business Industry

Although the concept of a Business Administration qualification seems fairly recent, the first business school opened in the early 19th century, and by the mid-20th century numerous schools in Europe were offering qualifications in business. With the first program launched in Barcelona in 1959, students studying todays Bachelor of Business Administration in Barcelona can benefit from the citys 60-plus years of experience in this area.

Business Administration itself is very diverse. Generally speaking, it consists in effectively managing a business and helping it to grow and achieve more, whilst ensuring growth is achievable, realistic and that stability is maintained in the company. More precisely, there are many different sides to business administration and studying a Bachelor of Business Administration in Barcelona can give you not only all-round knowledge of these areas (useful in todays job market where many find themselves performing multiple roles, or transferring to other departments), but can allow you to specialize in an area you find particularly stimulating.

So what exactly is Business Administration when broken down? Henri Fayol, an engineer born in 1841, who is best-known for his General and Industrial Administration, based on his own management experiences, is seen as a trailblazer in defining business administration. He defined 5 primary functions of management, or Business Administration:

Planning and Forecasting





We can see how these principles have influenced business management today by equating these management functions to departments in all areas of modern businesses, such as Operations, Logistics, HR. Marketing, Economics, and of course Management. Thus it can be seen that Business Administration is a key part of most areas of company management.

Now that we have seen how key Business Administration is to companies operating today, there still remains the question of what you will learn when studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration in Barcelona. Course contents vary depending on the institution but at GBS the emphasis is on innovation and preparing you to work in global business, as well as equipping you with the basic core business concepts everyone needs in order to be successful in business. This international focus not only prepares you to work in markets as diverse as Asia, Europe and Latin America, but as you will be studying with students from all over the world, you are sure to gain much cultural sensitivity and learn from interactions with students from all over the world!

In addition, the Bachelor of Business Administration in Barcelona (or BBA for short) allows you to study modules in global Communications, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship. It also allows you to take elective modules in areas of particular interest, such as the study of markets you may be less familiar with. What is certain is that Business Administration embraces all areas of corporate activity, and studying a Bachelor of Business Administration in Barcelona is one of the best ways to increase your adaptability, cultural knowledge and to improve your future career prospects.