Why Have A Car Sub Woofer

Why Have A Car Sub Woofer?

Why should you have a car subwoofer? First you need to learn what one is. Well a subwoofer is a speaker that is powered by an amplifier tuned in to and plays back low-frequency sound or bass. Subwoofers create low-frequency sounds and contain those low notes that are missing from most car stereo systems. They are heavily used in the streetcar-tuning scene; many cars out there have massive I.C.E (In Car Entertainment) installs. There is even a whole range of music designed to push subwoofers to their limits and give them a thorough workout. The genre is known as the bass track.

The Many Types Of Car Subwoofer:

Subwoofers are either passive or powered, with the passive systems drawing power off of the car’s head unit, and the powered systems have an independent powerline hooked up to them, usually right off the battery. Car subwoofers are mounted in boxes and placed in the boots or trunk of the car, or in other places such as the cars parcel shelf or the space beneath the car’s rear window. Car subwoofers also vary dramatically in size, on average from 6.5 inches all the way up to 60 inches in the crazy monster subwoofer category. There are plenty of relatively inexpensive subwoofers that are available, however the car subwoofer is a bit of a luxury item, so buy the best you can afford.

A Typical Car Subwoofer Setup:

The car subwoofer is mounted in a box made of MDF usually, although some of them come in tubes, known as bass tubes. Typically they are hooked up to a single channel amplifier set with a low crossover to provide the bass tones. Independent amplification is necessary, because the amount of power subwoofers need, can be too much for the car’s standard audio equipment. Since the car subwoofer is usually mounted in a box, they can take up a lot of room. If you want to fit a subwoofer you must be ready to sacrifice a substantial amount of space in order to house this specialty item. However, there are systems these days that place the car subwoofer and unused nooks and crannies of the car, these are specially built pod’s if you like and can be found for most popular makes of car.

Getting A Subwoofer Of Your Own:

A car subwoofer is a must in the overall high-end I.C.E setup. It is wise to choose the best product that you can afford, and not sacrifice price for quality. However that said, because of the big business there is in car audio products and subwoofers in general you can often find a bargain. My advice would be to search on the Internet and the online auction sites and see what you can pick up.