Why You Need In-car Chargers

Portable devices like cell phones and laptops need portable power. What is the use of carrying them around if you cannot also generate the power necessary for them to function? Imagine you have a very important meeting and your presentation is saved on a laptop, which is running on low battery. Or worse, imagine a dead battery when you need to use your phone urgently. That is why laptop car chargers and phone car chargers have been invented. You can buy a universal charger to use for all phone brands, laptops and other devices. In-car chargers are plugged into the lighter outlet of the car, which is usually 12V. Here are a few examples of in-car chargers:

Laptop Travel Charger
This is a Universal travel charger that you can use in the car or even on the plane and through the mains supply. The charger can be used anywhere with different voltages. It automatically sets the voltage according to according to requirement. Although this is designed specifically for laptop charging, it can support USB powered devices like mobile phones and SatNavs. If you have no time to wait till your laptop gets charged at home, you can easily charge it in the car, while driving to work.

Multi-Purpose Universal Charger
This is a versatile charger for mobile phones, iPods, iPhones, digital cameras, Sat Nav/GPS, PDAs, MP3/MP4 players, and portable gaming consoles like PSP, Nintendo DS and much more. It has over one year standby charge and accompanies a one button touch power checker along with charge transfer technology. Multi-purpose Universal charger can store up to 16hrs of talk time for mobile phones. This is light weight and easy to use. By using the car charger that comes with it anyone can just plug it in the car and charge a cell phone or laptop conveniently.

It can hold up to 192hrs, iPods 80hrs, Sony PSP for 10hrs, MP3/MP4 players 12hrs and PDAs for 90 hrs maximum. The charger comes with Power Star GO unit, USB cable, charger cable, iPod connecter, mini USB connector, mini Nokia connecter, Samsung digital camera connecter, UK mains adapter, car charger, a user manual for instructions and a travel case for rough travelling and protection for the gadget at all times.

In-car chargers make life a lot easy by giving your everyday digital devices power on the move. If you drive, and use these essential gadgets, then it is crucial to buy an in-car charger, preferably for multiple devices.