Winter Car Tune Up Check List

Wintertime is beautiful scenery for the eyes. It can be devastating to a car though, especially if the car is not inspected and prepared for the winter driving season. Have the car tuned up with a checklist before the snow hits and the car will drive with a peace of mind.

Brakes are essential for stopping on the icy roads to avoid pedestrians and even accidents with other cars. If the brakes are not equal, they could cause the car to lean to one side and skid on the roads.

The cooling system in the car also must be checked. This includes belts, containers, pressure caps, hoses and the thermostats so that everything is in working order. Flush the system with a chemical cleaner and add in anti freeze before the snow hits the ground.

The engine is the heart of any car and must run well in all weather conditions. A diagnostic test can ensure the drive of any abnormalities before hitting the road. Starting the car becomes essential when the cold weather is coming down so have the spark plugs replaced if needed and check the emission control devices to make sure that the car will get up and go when it needs to.

Another important part for inspection is the exhaust system. The windows are closed during the snowy winter months so have the muffler and tailpipe checked. Carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal.

When driving, it is important to have the defrosters, heaters, and windshield wipers working. Being able to see and keep warm are very important during the winter months. Winter wiper blades can be added to the car as well as washer fluid that was made for use in the cold weather.

Fuel, air, and transmission filters must be changed to ensure that the car runs properly. In addition, oil can become quite troubling during the winter months. Dirty oil can be a big problem so change it and the filter before the temperature drops and the snowflakes start to fall.

Last, but not least are the cars tires. If the engine is the heart of the car, then the tires are the bloodline. A car can run on faulty tires, but they may not take you far. Snow tires are essential during the wintertime and all four wheels need to be fully equipped as well as a regular check of the tire pressure. Snow tires provide the ultimate control when traveling down a winter wonderland type of snow setting. Residents in Quebec must have all four snow tires, as it is required there.