Xenon Light and Halogen Light, Which is Better for Car

Friends who want to buy a car are often tangled because of a configuration, and that is the xenon lamp. Xenon lights are mostly equipped in the high distribution models of some high-end cars, so xenon lamp is the synonym of strong brightness, high quality in the eyes of many consumers. Being equipped with xenon lamp is really stronger than halogen lamps? Today we will explain by several small tests in this article.

Appearance comparison: Xenon lights appear lighter / higher grade Many people think that Xenon lights are much brighter than halogen lamps, and we made comparison by opening the dipped headlights of two test vehicles at night. In effect, two sources are very prominent in the night, and xenon lamp light is white color because the color temperature is generally high, so in the dark night, the light white has larger contrast than the yellow halogen lamp, so it does look brighter and more conspicuous. In addition, the lens has the role of condensation, so the combination of night rider hid light + lens seems a lot brighter than the halogen lights + reflector combination, and also higher grade.

Width comparison: Xenon light + lens combination is stronger Another factor that many people think that xenon lamp is much better than halogen light lies in the irradiation range. We park two test cars in the location of one meter from the wall, turn the light and measure irradiation width. From the measurement results, the irradiation width of xenon lamp + lens combination is wider than that of the combination of halogen + reflector, and the difference is quite obvious from visual point. But it should be noted that the irradiation width and the light source does not matter, it primarily depends on whether the lens is used or not, and the lens has brought significant segmentation tangent, which can better control the overall width, better than ordinary reflectors.

Sight comparison: two combinations both have advantages and disadvantages No matter what kind of light is used, headlights must serve for the safer driving of the driver. What’s the difference of the perception in the car? We return to the driver’s perception, open near light for the two test cars, the brightness of xenon lamp + lens combination is significantly higher than the halogen plasma car light bulbs + reflector brightness.

From the effect of xenon lamp + lens projected on the ground, even asphalt particles on the ground can be clearly observed, however, the combination of halogen + reflector would probably weaker in this regard.

But there is also a flaw, the combination of xenon lamp + lens brightness distribution is not uniform, the lens can guarantee the middle region to be very bright, but the sides are relatively dark, although many regions can sweep some of the lights, do not have the conditions for security observation. However, the combination of halogen + reflector is just the opposite, perhaps the place where is bright us not brighter than the xenon lamp without lens, the brightness of other regions is relatively uniform, and there will be no obvious visual attenuation zone.

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