You Need A Short Hairstyle For Round Face

Bob is the perfect short hairstyle for round face especially with double chin. This is a retro haircut but it is still in fashion because it suits best to a symmetrical face. Another advantage of bob cut is that it is convenient to make, requires little maintenance and good for hairs too. The greatest advantage of bob cut is that it is just perfect for women of all ages and profession.

The popular bob cuts are smooth bob, angled bob, razor cut, quaffed styled and bob with side fringes. Choose the haircut that matches with your facial features. Your face looks round but it is different from others which also look round. In short, two round faces could have different features like double chin, full cheeks and high cheek bones. You should first mark important features of your face and then choose a haircut that could light up those features.

Look at the Harry Potter actress Emma Watson. She wears short hair that is certainly not bob but it could be a kind of bob cut. The haircut lights her high cheek bones and downplays the strong jaw line. No doubt that the actress has beautiful facial features but the credit for highlighting those features goes to her haircut. Similarly you can see many public figures wearing bob cut on different occasions.

Why use short hairstyle for round face, when you can wear a more fashion oriented haircut? Short haircut means less volume of hairs on head. Sometimes keeping less voluminous hairs could help. Chubby cheeks and wide hairline have a negating effect. These features make the neck look short. Wearing full hairs could make a round face look bulky and horrible. Short haircut not only removes the negative effect of round features but also make the round face look long.

Pixie is another good short hairstyle for round face. This short haircut is quite popular among round faced celebrities like Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams. It is a very short haircut and you might not find it suitable, if you like keeping a good volume of hairs on your head but women with double chin would certainly like to wear pixie cut.

If you are round then you should choose a perfect short hairstyle for round face. Cutting your hairs short has many advantages like ease of making hairs and making hairs with fingers only. Ask your hairdresser to suggest you the best short haircut that suits to your facial features and lifestyle.