Getting Used to a New Project Management Tool

With time, it becomes necessary to invest in a new project management tool which addresses all the challenges you have been having when it comes to managing your projects.

With time, it becomes necessary to invest in a new project management tool which addresses all the challenges you have been having when it comes to managing your projects. As much as getting a new application is necessary, not everyone within the team will share similar sentiments. There are those people who are likely to resist the new project management tool, not because it is complex or ineffective, but because they dont like changes. However, this should never make you give up on effective project management software which will boost your operations. Below are some ways to address this form of resistance.

One of the things that you can do to simplify the transition phase is to allow your team to understand the real benefits of the project management tool. Explain to them how the tool helps in expense tracking and recording their efforts. They will appreciate it more if they understand how sit actually simplifies their roles.

Secondly, take the necessary steps to simplify using the project management software. For instance, if they can easily access the tool by clicking on a link on their desktop then this makes things pretty simple for your team. You can also allow the staff members who understand how to use this tool for online project management to explain to rest. This is going to be cheaper, and in some cases, more effective than formal training.

It is also important for you to explain to your team that the new tool is going to be used in the long term. You may be experiencing a lot of non-cooperation mainly because your team still thinks that the other alternative is likely to come back. In fact, remove the older version from the server so that they have no other option but to make use of the new software program to help them manage their projects.

You should also make sure that all the necessary settings are configured to simplify project collaboration. The basic activities like automation of reports and expense tracking should be configured from the very first day. Make sure the software also automatically sends email alerts to all members of the team. Make sure you make user guides easily accessible for your team. Make sure you understand how to use this software well enough so that you can set the right example to your team.

Web project management is very convenient because all team members can access data regardless of their location. So long as the software is simple to use and effective then every member of your team should be able to embrace it with time. You should always present a demo version before implementing the real software. This helps you to predict some future challenges and form better ways to address them. For instance, you can prepare for formal training early enough so that the whole team can learn how to use the new project management software. Remember that it may take time before everyone learns to use the new application but in the long run, it will become a huge success.

Resources: Boris Nobel is the author of this article on web project management. Find more information, about project management tool here

Maintenance Management System in Hospital (Ultrasound & CT Scan Equipments)


Recent maintenance practices in hospital (health care equipments and services) and use of computerized maintenance management system (CMMs) based hospital information maintenance management system (HIMMs) provide good practices during evaluating performance and effectiveness of equipments. But unfortunately, CMMs and maintenance activities i.e. Breakdown maintenance (BDM), planned preventive maintenance (PPM), productivity is not solve problems at all. Several reasons are: 1. CMMs not solve problems of repetitive failures, BDM , PPM for long term 2. CMMs also not predict life cycle and durability of equipments for long period For this reason, need of such system that can predict and resolve problems at all.

This research project is aimed to provide two ways to solve problems by using theoretically mathematical equations from literature review and modify equations for particular for repetitive failure, BDM, PPM and equipment productivity. Second way CMMs software is to design which is completely reliable; predictable critical factors for not only now, but also long term purpose. The results in terms of system assist facility managers or clinical engineers (biomedical engineers). Sustain life of equipments, easy to replacement and repaired etc.


The objectives of the project are: 1) To evaluate maintenance management system in hospital (health care equipments and services) 2) To modify mathematical equations for measuring maintenance activities of ultrasound equipment and CT scan equipment

METHODOLOGY: Data Collection Strategy: Data collection strategy is obtained from visited and observation biomedical engineering department. Select two imaging equipments -ultrasound machine’ & -computed tomography machine’ from various hospitals like Hospital Serdang, Hospital Putrajaya etc., to collect equipments inventory data. Data collection strategy is focus equipment assets history. It includes planned preventive maintenance (PPM), Breakdown maintenance (BDM), Schedule work, work orders (w.o), action taken, vendor services, parts management, utilities, and reports. Data collection is need because: a) Calculate repetitive failures, BDM and PPM b) Measure Productivity and Equipment effectiveness c) Life and use of equipments for long term purpose Analysis of Data Collection: Analysis of the data depends upon asset history of particular equipments. Identify repetitive breakdowns, planned preventive and productivity performance in both medical equipments. The strategy for analyze data is to specified no. of failures, no. of breakdowns and no. of planned preventive for last three years. Analysis of data collection is required because: a) Interpret particular problems b) Apply modify equations to solve problems Mathematical Analysis In general, previous studies on maintenance management system provided mathematical formulas and equations not at all overcome problems of equipments. In medical equipments i.e. reliability equations and availability equations are not enough to measure maintenance performance of ultrasound and CT scan. Predicted Breakdowns

In this project, provide specific and modify equations which is use to solve medical equipments maintenenace problems. (Stephen, 2004) This equations are modified on the basis of productivity and reliability maintenance management.. Stephen defined equations: Breakdown (Excepted)= S (No. of Failures) * Frequency of Failure / Total No. of Failures, But modify equation will be: Breakdowns (predictable) = (a1+a2+a3—-an) * () / Tf Therefore a is no. of repetitive failures, an is nth term of failure which is expecting failure with time, is frequency of failure occurring in duration week, months, Tf is total no. of failures per years. Conclusion In the end, evaluating MMS in hospital is prime consideration for clinical engineers. This modify equations of equipments will improve maintenance practices overall and overcome failures, breakdowns. Successful in implementing and applying mathematical equations will definitely increases productivity and overall equipment effectiveness. Nonetheless, due to the necessity to ensure maintenance management system, figure 4.9 data analyzed and interpreted from maintenance part of the asset of equipments contains several factors that serve as the determinants to the success of maintenance practice for health care sectors. By using mathematical approaches and data analysis from maintenance part of the asset of equipments contains several factors that serve as the determinants to the success of effectiveness of equipment and best maintenance practice in health care industries.

RESULTS: 1. From above calculation, the result shows that repetitive failures, BDM, PPM always key parts and critical factors in maintenance practices.

2. Breakdowns maintenance in ultrasound much more and predictable during last three year so it would be a greater expensive alternatives if equipments not replaced on time. 3. CT scan has low rate of breakdowns maintenance during last three years so it would be predicted that less equipment expensive alternative so no need to replace equipment.

4. Medical Equipment’s productivity factor in ultrasound is 36 % in last three years due to more and more Break downs maintenance and Planned preventive maintenance occurred which is not good for productivity, life of equipment. Step should be taken in early stage of breakdowns. 5. Productivity factor in CT scan is 38 % previous three years, because of less BDM but more PPM. 6. Overall equipment effectiveness of Ultrasound is 38.90, it means equipment is in poor condition and unlimited break downs, more failures occurred. Require proper testing, calibrations, changeovers parts, adjustments. It will contribute to increase in effectiveness in rarely manner. 7. OEE of CT scan is 72 %, it is mean that equipment is in good condition because of breakdowns and failures are limited. In occasionally testing and commissioning, inspection is requiring. It will mostly increase effectiveness in rapid manner.

8. It will increase productivity & It will maintain overall equipment effectiveness.

9. Lastly, it will assist clinical engineers to make decision on need basis of particular equipment or replacement.


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Learning Institute Management through ERP Solution

Learning campuses such as colleges need to manage all the departments within smooth manner. This can be easily dealt with by utilization of ERP software.

Offering education to students is not the sole function handled by learning institutes, instead monitoring all the management tasks have to be focused on. As a matter of fact, this is a very crucial aspect to ensure flow of all the procedures has not gone haywire. Moreover, even slightest mistake can cause interruption in the accurate output. So, what is the solution? Can traditional infrastructure of college support the purpose of management in the present times? Probably, when the answer to these two queries has to be sought can put management of the college in major dilemma. Therefore, the Indian market has found appropriate solution which can offer comprehensive management system to colleges.

This software for college acts as best platform to integrate tasks of all the departments within the campus. Specifically, when it comes to reach to concrete conclusion about effectiveness of college management software Delhi, then, the authorities of the institute should understand functioning or basic utility of this ERP solution in advance. It will be now ideal to discuss functioning of this software in order to get better idea about its implementation through varied modules:

Specific module for managing tasks of all the departments: Whether it is administrative function or student and teacher management, the modules have to be utilized rightly for smooth monitoring of tasks. This is the underlying reason behind the modular composition of college management system India which in turn offers highest level of convenience to personnel. In the same way, all the beneficiaries can make the most out of the modules those have been solely designed for them. Graphical push button system: User friendly software which can be operated by all the officials offers best outcome to the entire college in terms of management. Hence, keeping in mind, this basic point, the college management software India has been created with utmost simple interface wherein, graphical push buttons are added. Most of all, the basic approach towards this system has been to serve multiple tasks yet without involving rocket science. The software designers precisely understand the proficiency levels of all the officials cannot be advanced, thus, application of modules is very easy.

Customized functions can be added for better outcome: It is apparent all the colleges want to get recognized as unique in terms of provisions, policies and overall management. Therefore, the smart business solution to be used for its management needs to be different too. This need gets addressed by the customization of college management software Delhi. Contrarily, the main goal to be attained is college management yet variations in the software are necessary for delivering outcome in accurate manner.

Efficient management is what has been served by the software: Single platform of college management software assures efficient outcome. This is simply due to the entirely automated mechanism of the software. Hence, the management of college becomes effortless.

Last, but not the least, it can be affirmed that this software for college management is really worth an investment.

Academic management system Delhi designed and developed by HR Software Solutions incorporates the facilities of management of resources though College management software Delhi.

Importance Of Management Development

Basically, management development is a term that describes any number of activities that reflect a planned effort to enhance employees ability in various individual and team management techniques. Very simply put, management development includes development of skills such as planning, organising, leading and developing resources. A key skill for any employees is the ability to manage their own work and control their career path. Highly motivated and self-directed individuals can gain a massive amount of learning and other benefits for their organisation by implementing an aggressive management development programme.

Management development refers to the process of training and developing managerial talent within a company or organisation.

But why do I need to waste time on training and development? Why not just hire the people I need when the time comes?

Nurturing in-house management talent may not seem important, but it is one of the most important aspects of the development of any organisation. This is the case for several reasons, some of which are listed below:
1. In-house management development programmes give employees the chance to utilise special leadership skills that may posses. These employees will certainly bring an enhanced perspective to management as they will know the working of the company from the ground up as opposed to managerial talent that is brought in from outside the company.

2. Employees will feel more loyal towards the company as they will see that the company is also invested in promoting their career growth and progress.

3. Finally, the overall cost of developing management talent in-house as opposed to trying to recruit talent from the outside world will be much less. A good management development programme may cost during the initial setting up phase, but will not cost much more after that. Individuals who have risen up from the management development programme will be happy to volunteer their time and mentor other employees. In general, a good management development programme will save a lot of money for any organisation.

Management development is a process that begins paying for itself very rapidly. You will begin to see the creation of a core team of individuals who are committed to the growth and progress of your organisation. In the long run, this can only mean increased efficiency and profitability as the management talent in your organisation grows stronger and stronger.

Agile Challenge Management – AFP

A lot of people today believe the rigor and discipline of project administration mixes with the imaginative nature of advertising and marketing like oil and h2o. Even though it does requires some obtaining utilized to, the moment the routines are established, the relationship not only will work, but the marketing effectiveness really improves. The more advertising and marketing channels: Tv, radio, print and digital media, and the increased the frequency of innovative refresh, the bigger the benefits turn into. In marketing and advertising, media, and advertising, a cookie-cutter strategy to challenge management will not function. There has to be a better way!

Corporations frequently put into practice a Method or Undertaking Administration Office (PMO) to take care of the large, complicated, or pricey tasks. The differences amongst a Venture and Method Management Business office will be left for a further dialogue. Marketing budgets in some cases symbolize a major part of a company’s overall operating budget. When seen holistically, promotion tasks likely require advanced coordination involving several companies and throughout channels. For that reason, advertising and marketing is a logical candidate for a PMO. Regrettably, advertising departments usually watch the full rigor of the Undertaking Management Institute (PMI) prescribed technique as as well structured to assistance the artistic procedure. Also, many promoting organizations feel the PMI method involves as well significantly overhead for the expected agility to easily adapt to the market. The resolution is to use an strategy that balances rigor and flexibility even though still providing the needed status visibility and management of advertising tasks applying only the greatest price elements of the PMI course of action.on.

The PMI is a massive undertaking administration training and certification business. The PMI’s Job Management Skilled (PMP) is only a person available certification for job managers and is a extensively identified and accepted sort of accreditation. The quantity of PMI licensed project managers influences most Plan or Project Administration Business office s (PMO) to abide by PMI established strategies. The commonality fostered by the PMI effects in really equivalent documentation templates and processes irrespective of department or market. Although this similarity simplifies staffing and education matters, great for details technological know-how projects for example, it does not create the versatility marketing and advertising and advertising and marketing organizations call for. The PMI certification is only one particular indicator of task administration competence in an person. The advertising and marketing project manager will demand additional than job administration techniques to efficiently take care of advertising jobs or establish a advertising and marketing PM. The venture supervisor will have to grow to be agile in managing a number of operate streams in a rapid paced ecosystem, the place market forces can and usually do dictate sudden alterations in route. The task management strategy can not gradual down the promotion approach.

Creating a PMO in a marketing organization presents a special set of difficulties that calls for imaginative ways. Accomplishment of the PMO calls for deep knowing of venture administration principals. The practical knowledge to strike a balance in between the prescribed task administration approaches and staying away from interruption of the artistic improvement is essential. The correct tactic to establishing a promotion PMO adds price by:

&middot Offering just plenty of practice to keep fiscal and standing visibility to organizational leadership by means of the Chief Promotion Officer (CMO) and above

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