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Proper Stockpile Management In Construction Works

A typical component of waste management is the storing or stockpiling of waste materials for recycling or reuse. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requires that this action is carried out in the correct manner to ensure the probability of damage to human health and the environment is eliminated or reduced. Storage or stockpiling will have to be taken on exclusively in appropriate circumstances for genuine and favorable purposes.

Stockpile sites are used to enable the short term storage of material or tools for construction or maintenance projects. The kinds of components which may be put away are:

Select substance and fill – like sand and rock
Topsoil, wood chips, mulch and waste vegetation
Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM) and spoil
Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) – rotomilled material
Concrete or asphalt block material taken from pavements
Aggregate and Pre-coated aggregate
Cold mix asphalt
Road base
Parked machinery and vehicles
Construction materials such as Jersey Kerb and traffic signs
General materials such as timber, steel etc.

Stockpile sites are generally not to be used for the storing of any waste which contains coal tar or any sort of waste which is classified as unhealthy, restricted solid, special or liquid waste as classified in the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997

Stockpile sound management routines

Just before decision is taken to start a impermanent stockpile on site a risk assessment must be undertaken with the goal of protecting against or reducing the chance of destructive blows on human health and/or the environment. In every case, the site and substance specific conditions must be thought about when deciding on the actual demands pertaining to bunding, on-site structure and community assessment.

With regards to the locality, probable off-site challenges and amount of community interest associated with an action, the proper measure of community consulting may need to be set up both at the preparing and operational periods of stockpiling activities. In such cases, stakeholders including adjacent neighborhoods and nearby citizens ought to be notified on factors including duration, possible threats and impacts and the associated minimization measures. Suitable contact info of business or project managers should also be provided to the community for open correspondence to enable inquiries or complaints to be attended to.

On-site risks would be determined by factors including the:

waste type and chemical and physical qualities of the materials being stockpiled
locale and climate of the site
hydrological and hydrogeological conditions which include closeness to surface and ground waters, water quality and secure environmental values
stretch of time materials are going to be stored
projected management method of the stockpiled materials

Further off-site risks have to be taken into account and rely on factors like:

closeness to and sensitivity of the enveloping atmosphere (including unpleasant effects to water, human health and amenity)
exposure due to height in metres AHD of the working floor level which the stockpile is situated upon and in accordance with the encompassing environment
enactment of proper pollution control standards
supervision of traffic within the site

The following environmental protection actions should be used to ascertain and maintain stockpiles on construction sites:

The border of the stockpile need to be delineated with a bund (made out of earth/RAP etc) or other type of fencing or barrier.
Materials must be stockpiled at the least 5 metres away from foliage or native vegetation, without having it pressed up around the foundation of trees.
Stockpiled materials should not be in excess of 2m tall and should have a maximum 2:1 slope.
Erosion and sedimentation regulators needs to be constructed in between the site and any drainage lines or down-slope areas.
A diversion bund need to be placed on the uphill section of the site to redirect water round the site.
Cover stockpiles with plastic or store them damped down if airborne debris may be a problem.
Stockpiles sites have to be just right to hold all needed components without burying protective precautions just like silt fences. If you have excessive material you may need to widen your site protection actions.
Stockpile sites have to be examined repeatedly to make sure that the site sign (which plainly labels and locates the site), border bunding, sedimentation and erosion controls and boundary delineation are all in order.

At the end of the construction project all non permanent stockpile sites ought to be removed from site and the site restored as essential for contract specs.

timesheet management

Web Time Clock”>Managing employee time is major concern to modern business world. In the past, there were several disconnected components in time tracking, and an effective centralization of accumulated time data was a mess. With technological advances, today’s business has effective centralized tracking employee time system, which is a combination of hardware and software facilities. Time tracking now means keeping log of all big and small actions and assignments completed in any given periods of time. Time tracking automatically reduces overhead in other areas like payroll, processing or tracking employee productivity. A fully equipped time tracking software allows an employer to monitor the activities of employees on different projects. A software solution (like the one from WorkExaminer.com) designed for tracking employee time allows you accurately record billable hours and make necessary modifications in workflow for greater productivity. Employee time tracking and management software has different applications. If you hire out employees to a third party and bills the party based on human hours spent, you can give make accurate bills by reporting the human hours. Many businesses have special requirements in the area of security. There is employee tracking software available that has the capability of fingerprint verification. This feature helps an employer make sure that a staff member is actually on site when they log in. While these systems can be more expensive than other types of employee time tracking software, they provide important security confidence. Such applications work very simply. Rather than a password, staff members can only log in by fingerprint. The log in procedure involves an employee entering their username, followed by a fingerprint rather than a password. Special readers are generally attached to each personal computer using a USB connection and additional software is needed as well. If not all employees are required to use this extra security measure, these systems can generally be designed to accommodate that. One fingerprint reader can often be used to log in more than one staff member.

A number of other issues can also be addressed by employee tracking software. When employers wish to monitor the work activity of staff members, these programs can help them do this without the employee’s knowledge. Some applications will take random screenshots of the computer screens of staff members. These screenshots can either be saved or they can be viewed by managers using computers at another location and can be viewed in real time. The programs that staff members are using can be monitored as well. Some applications can generate automatic reports on all employees, or just a single worker. Key stroke recording is another valuable feature. Every key that a staff member presses can be logged for future examination, or can be seen in real time as well. Even the files and folders that workers open can be detected and monitored. If a particular staff member has a weakness for instant message chatting that is not related to the work environment, these chats can be recorded and monitored.

Web Time Clock

Career Opportunities with a Food and Nutrition Management Diploma

What was earlier referred to as home science is now a well designed food and nutrition management program. With this, the scope of the course has also increased multiple folds. It’s no longer restricted to studying how to ensure good health of your family or how to cook food in order to retain all its essential nutrients or how to effectively run a food establishment of your own.

The program opens doors to numerous attractive career options for graduates in forever growing healthcare and food service industry. Food and nutrition management graduates can work with hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, senior residences, high volume catering services, airline food services, industrial cafeterias, food manufacturers, community agencies, public health nutrition and international food organizations.

Nowadays even schools, colleges and other childcare organizations have requirements for food and nutrition experts. Employers are keen in hiring graduates with well rounded knowledge and strong interpersonal skills, who could apply their knowledge of normal and clinical nutrition and business skills in a variety of settings.

About Food Service Program

You need to have a diploma in food and nutrition, in order to begin with a career in food service or manufacturing industry. A food service program prepares you to pursue challenging careers as managers in healthcare, fitness and food industry. You gain knowledge and skills related to
Sanitation, safety and hygiene
Kitchen production
Food services
Food properties analysis
Food service management
Aging and society
Purchasing for food services industry
Medical nutrition therapy
Supervision practices
HRM in food services
Recipe development and costing
Labour cost control
Healthcare menu planning

The course also familiarizes you with financial management and marketing and merchandising for food services operations. You also learn about practical aspects of quantity food preparation and service.

In addition to attending theory classes, you are also required to conduct various experiments from time to time to learn the physical properties of food.

Once you complete this two-year diploma course, you can either begin with private practice or choose to work with food manufacturing and service companies. You are expected to operate in accordance with the code of ethics set by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management.

You will be equipped to pursue challenging careers in the fields of
Food and nutrition counselling for weight management, healthy eating, diabetics management, eating disorders
Food service
Food and nutrition management at spas, hotels, schools, culinary schools, etc
Food and nutrition consultancy for cookbooks, newspapers, magazines and other educational programs
Sales and marketing
Public relations for hospitals, food businesses, fitness centers, etc
Research and development
Community service
Healthcare reforms with NGOs or government organizations
Menu planning at hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, seniors’ residences
Procurement of goods and services with food businesses
Food production procedures standardization
Food distribution

Of late, fitness has become the buzz word. Food and nutrition planning cannot be separated from physical fitness and mental well being. You are what you eat. Besides, the career options associated with nutrition planning have made it one of the most sought after areas.

time management in the Kitchen

The key to better cooking at home is efficiency at your kitchen. Planning, preparation and organization are all part of any successful chef’s arsenal in creating the top-most meals whether at home or at a busy hotel restaurant.

Better, hotter and fresher dishes will be easier when you put an effort to manage your time at the kitchen. Preparing even the most extravagant dishes can be easy as long as you have made a plan from start to finish. Lower stress and more confidence is the results of a time managed kitchen.

Managing my Kitchen time?

Having a plan will make any master chef or cook at home wannabe more confident the dishes they prepare. Memorizing the meals in your head can be easy if you are just preparing one meal. But if you are simultaneously cooking two, three or more dishes using just your head might produce a kitchen disaster.

The plan starts out hours before the cooking time. If you can spend 5 minutes to skin and chop up onions that you will be using for the week, you can save tons of time when it’s actually time to cook them. You can prepare several items this way. Eggs, vegetables, garlic, onions, garnishing can all be sliced or cooked beforehand. In fact some hotels pre-cook their poached eggs the night before breakfast buffet. That is the only way they can keep up with hundreds of guests for breakfast.

Pre-cooking meat is an open secret in many a posh restaurant. You may think that your steak has been freshly grilled but in fact it was half cooked hours before your order. Fresh lobster? Think again, that crustacean was sitting on the pot long before you sat down on your reserved seat.

It is absolutely essential to save as much time as you can in doing the things that aren’t related to the act of cooking itself. You can measure your sugar, salt, pepper, paprika or any spice and put them in little plastic containers ready to be used instantly when they are needed. Gourmet dishes can be prepared at lightning speed with this method.

Doing the dishes can be done in fast-forward mode. It just takes four fills of your sink. The first one being the pre-rinse stage to get rid of all the leftovers. The second stage will have the dishes pass through a soapy water fill and wipe briskly with a sponge. And the last two to rinse. Try it and save tons of time.

Preparing for any situation if the real key to time management in the kitchen. If you know that you may run out of hot water for your chop suey and you have a few quarts ready to pout you will definitely save time. Writing down all the ingredients and steps with the meal your currently doing will boost your confidence and productivity.

All great cooks have several arsenals in their kitchen. And the kitchen timer is the prime weapon. Not one cook in the world can cook several dishes together without a trusty kitchen timer. In fact a cook can use as many as 5 at a time. One for eggs, one for that chicken soup. One for baking and one for timing that icing mix. Several more high end kitchen timers can time all of those in one digital timer device.

A kitchen timer will mean no second guessing if you beef is already tender enough or if your toast has been down the oven long enough (French toasts need an oven to be done well, another secret from a chef).
Make sure you have a kitchen timer right on a convenient place on your kitchen. Free from anything that would obstruct its view and would cause it to fall. Along planning, preparation and the other techniques mentioned in this article, time management in the kitchen can be easy for anyone learn.

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