Easy Steps To Help You Buy A Used Car Or Truck With Confidence

Is it better to buy new or used? The best financial answer to this question is Used of course!!!! This article will provide you with the necessary provisions one should make as they enter the Canadian used car market.
Buying a pre owned vehicle can become both a lengthy and stressful process. The first question you’ll have to ask yourself is would you prefer buying a car from a dealer or private seller. Each has its advantages in Ontario, Canada.
A dealer can provide warranties, auto financing and if your shopping at the right dealer, will stand behind the vehicle for a given period of time. Usually dealers’ are hesitant to stock cars or trucks with poor accident history or that are in poor physical or mechanical condition. So, a car dealer may be the perfect place to save some money and buy a pre owned car for those who are not overly confident in the pre owned buying process.
In turn, a private sale offers several advantages as well. First and foremost is buying privately will typically allow you to pay less for the vehicle. While a dealer is familiar with car prices and automotive values, private sellers typically are not. Private sellers are looking to sell their used vehicle as fast as possible, whereas a dealer is trying to sell it for top dollar. Lastly, here in Ontario consumers can take advantage of the tax savings of buying private. Currently, car buyers are only responsible for paying 5% GST on all private sales, whereas buying from a dealer in Ontario will call for consumers’ to pay both PST & GST. Nevertheless, this advantage is soon concluding as the Ontario government is set to introduce the Harmonized sales tax in June, 2010. So this means if you’re thinking about buying a new used vehicle then do it soon before the HST increases the bottom-line price on a used car.
Buying private could become very advantageous to those willing to take a larger risk. If you follow the steps outlined below, we can help you become a more informed consumer, which will help alleviate some stress in the overall sales process.
1. Visit some automotive classifieds sites on your computer or on your mobile phone you can visit vehicle gateway. Here, you’ll find a Used Car Value Finder which will give you a better idea of which vehicles you can afford and at what price would make the car sale a good deal. This tool becomes extremely useful when your visiting a dealership showroom, car lot of even private seller as it becomes a negotiation tool.
2. After you’ve narrowed down your makes and models (Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Acura – are some with the highest resale values) proceed to doing a search on some of Canada’s larger automotive marketplaces. I personally like vehiclegateway.com which I find to be very different than anything else online because they provide consumers with the steps and information that educates shoppers which will allow them to make a more informed decision. Their condition report feature is like no other site and the information provided is of much higher quality. Their condition report includes the following answers to the necessary questions one should ask when buying a used car….
” Ownership History: – Has there been a lot of owners? If so, why?
” Exterior Condition: – Are there any scratches, rust, dents?
” Interior Condition: – Is there stains, rips, broken components?
” Engine Condition: – How does the engine run? Any noises?
” Brake Condition: – Do the breaks squeak? When they were last replaced? Rotors?
” Tire Condition: – How old are they? How much tread is left? Are they all seasons? Do they have winters?
” Inspection: – Has the car or truck passed a safety? Will they allow you to take it for a full inspection?
” Accident History: – Has the car been in a major accident? You should worry too much about fender benders.
” Service History: Has the car had all necessary service? Does the owner have maintenance records?
” Emissions Test: – Has the vehicle already passed the Ontario Drive Clean Test?
” Reason for Selling: Why are they selling the vehicle? Make sure you trust the seller’s reasons.
” Overall Condition: – Is this car in top overall condition?
Make sure the answer provided meet your standards and don’t compromise. The car or truck will either meet your standards or it won’t.
3. Vehiclegateway also provides Canada’s first Free “Used Car Buyers Guide” which is a 95 page handbook that is provided to further educate consumers on the process of making the right decision when buying used.
4. Dont Buy A Lemon.ca is also a great resource for consumers, its automotive blog and directory is designed specifically to offer further guidance in Canada’s preowned vehicle marketplace.
5. Lastly, I urge you to check out several online vehicle classifieds sites. Compare prices, compare conditions (condition reports can only be found on vehicle gateway) and make sure your confident in your decision before you buy.
If you’re still concerned, check out your local franchised dealerships who offer certified pre owned vehicle programs. Backed by manufacturers, these programs like Acura Pre-Owned Certified Performance, BMW Certified Series, Mercedes-Benz Certified, Volkswagen Certified Pre-loved, Toyota Certified Used Vehicles, Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, Honda Certified Used Cars, and GM Optimum Used Vehicles offer many of the advantages of buying a new car, but at a price you can afford. Canadian certified pre owned vehicles are meticulously restored and are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. VehicleGateway.com certified pre owned car section offers information and specifics about each of these programs as well provides a search functionality that allows users to search for just certified pre owned inventory.
Buying a used car or truck is smart a financial descision, but please take neccessary steps to educate yourself towards buying the right used vehicle.
Author Resource:- ABOUT THE WRITERS Ryan H Mack is a writer and marketing consultant for vehiclegateway.com in Canada. VehicleGateway.com is rated the #1 online pre owned vehicle marketplace for Canada. With this site you can search brands like used Hondas or even used toyotas cars from many local dealers. As well search through many different categories such as pre owned cars, trucks, Boats, SUVs, Vans, Sports Cars, Motorcycles, Classic Cars and more. Search locally in major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver or Calgary for the second hand auto of your dreams. Or search by province, something no other classifieds site does today, search used cars for sale throughout Canada and buy a car in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia.