How To Sell My Used Car In New York Pricing A Vehicle

In a city the size of the Big Apple, finding an answer to the question how to sell my used car in New York should be a simple matter of putting a For Sale sign in the rear window and then waiting for the buyers to show. As you might imagine, things are not quite that simple. These days most of the buying and selling takes place on the Internet, so you need to be certain that you list your car for sale in all the usual places people look. But you also need to know how to properly price your vehicle too.

To answer to how to sell my used car in New York, setting a price for you vehicle is a key consideration. Those who make a living buying and selling cars know there are not one but different prices at which the price of a vehicle can be set. The first is the dealer trade-in value what a car dealer will give you as the trade-in price when you are buying another vehicle from him. While this is the easiest way to get rid of a used car it is also the least profitable. The dealer value will generally be hundreds or even thousands less than if you sold the car yourself; he is going to find a buyer and sell your old vehicle for a profit.

Two other possible vehicle prices come into play when asking, I need to know how to sell my used car in New York. Thats the dealer retail price and the Im selling this car myself price. The price you set to sell your car yourself should fall somewhere between what a dealer will give you as trade-in and what he will price the car at if it were on sale on his car lot.

So theres the first step when the question I need to know how to sell my used car in New York comes up. There are web sites that can help you see the three possible prices discussed above that will be tremendously helpful in setting a price for your used car. Plus, listing your car online is where the greatest number of eyeballs will be that might be interested in purchasing what you have for sale. That, plus setting a fair price that makes your car a good deal will go a long way in helping you close the sale.