What does turns mean for a RC car motor

The number of times a copper wire is wrapped around each pole of the armature (an electromagnet made by coiling thin wire around the poles-two or more-of a metal core) in a R/C car motor. Generally, the more turns equates to less rpm and a longer battery life-these R/C cars would be slower and easier to drive than ones with a motor that has less turns (which would have less torque and more rpm). The number of -turns- isn’t to be confused with the number of -winds- in a R/C car motor. -Winds- refers to the number of wires (usually copper) wound around the armature, and -turns- is the number of times a wire (usually copper) has been revolved around the armature. The wind could be increased to compensate for the torque lost by reducing the number of turns. A stock motor is considered to have a 27-turn single wind armature.

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